Bright Stars of Nacogdoches County

2021 is the 25th year of the Charles Bright Visitor Center anchoring the iconic red brick streets of historic downtown Nacogdoches. To mark this milestone, we will be soliciting nominations each month for individuals and businesses who stand out in their service efforts, thus contributing to the tourism value of the Nacogdoches community. Each year, direct traveler spending in Nacogdoches County translates into in excess of $2 million in local sales tax receipts. Tourism is a vital economic driver and the Visit Nac team wants to start recognizing and rewarding our local businesses and citizens who work hard each day to ensure that our visitors have a memorable experience during their stay. The economic vitality brought about by tourism was recognized by visitor center namesake, Charles Raymond Bright who was the driving force in past downtown enhancement and vitalization projects. As such, recipients of this new designation will be known as Bright Stars. Each month one individual and one business will be officially recognized and celebrated.

To nominate a person or business, fill out the form below. If you have photos or videos to include, email them to sales@visitnacogdoches.org