The City of Nacogdoches Historic Sites Department cordially invites you to join us in our celebration of the 175thAnniversary of Texas Independence. The celebration will take place at Aldolphus Sterne’s home, financier of the revolution, early Nacogdoches merchant and Texas legislator. Much of Nacogdoches’ involvement in the war against Mexico can be contributed to Mr. Sterne and his devotion to the cause.

Not long after making his way to Nacogdoches Mr. Sterne became involved in the Fredonia Rebellion, smuggling guns and ammunition in the bottom of coffee barrels to Hayden Edwards and the Fredonians.  Mr. Sterne had such high hopes for an independent Texas that in 1835 he traveled to New Orleans and personally raised money to finance a company of men called the New Orleans Greys. Upon their arrival to Nacogdoches the New Orleans Greys were greeted with a huge banquet across from the Sterne’s home before heading off to fight at the Alamo. With his hands in almost everything that dealt with the revolution, it only seems fitting that we celebrate the 175th anniversary at his home. So come out do just that; show your Texas pride with us Wednesday March 2nd from 5:30 to 8:00pm at the Sterne Hoya House Museum and Library located at 211 South Lanana. Street. Light refreshments will be served on the front porch. We will be giving guided tours of the house focused on early Texas politics, Adolphus Sternes’ contributions to Texas Independence and the battles of the revolution. Hurrah for Texas! 

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