Nac Brewfest 2019

  • Brewers, wannabe brewers, and homebrew/mead lovers - come join us at our annual celebration of brewer camaraderie and craft! Not only are local brewers represented, but Brew Clubs from Louisiana (River Cities Brew Krewe) and Longview area (East Texas Brewer's Guild) also participate - so come meet and mingle!

    Membership with Nac Brew Club gets you in! Go to
    https://www.nacbrewclub.org/ to sign up. The $25 yearly membership fee gives you access to Brewfest, monthly meetings, field trips, and periodic educational brew events throughout the year. Brewing is a continual learning process and constant exchange of ideas, so we'd love to see you no matter what your experience level.

    1) You have to buy a membership before 5/17/18 to TABC says we can't let you in to Brewfest 2019. No exceptions.
    2) You can buy one or multiple memberships at one time on https://www.nacbrewclub.org/ - there are three steps:
    A) Go to base of first page, click "Buy a Membership" (and don't close the NBC tab out, you'll come back to it!)
    B) Click "Add to Cart" yellow Paypal button and pay for the number of memberships you want
    C) Copy either the Receipt Number from the Paypal Checkout Page redirect at the bottom under "Purchase Details" or the Transaction ID at the heading of the Paypal Confirmation email sent. (Same number)
    3) OK! Stay with me. Need a homebrew yet? NOW - Go back to the NBC page and click on gray MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION (heavenly choir) and register every one you bought a membership for. **Very important! If you don't register the member/ship you paid for then TABC says you can't get into Brewfest and you'll be sad.
    4) Paste the Paypal Receipt #/Transaction ID when prompted
    5) Check your email for NBC messages, invites, and updates!

    YER DONE! See you in May!

  • Nacogdoches County Exposition & Civic Center
  • 3805 NW Stallings Dr, Nacogdoches, TX 75964