Tobaccodoches Cigar Festival 2021

  • Welcome to the first annual Tobacco Festival for Nacogdoches, Texas. Nacogdoches Cigar Company is bringing back the illustrious tradition of quality cigar events in our town – the oldest town in Texas.
    In the early 1900s, Nacogdoches was one of the premier growers and producers of shade tobacco. There were over 40 major growers in Nacogdoches County with drying barns and railroad spurs feeding the downtown rollers in the city. Nacogdoches Cigar Company was one of those manufacturers. In fact, their cigars took the blue ribbon at the World’s Fair. Nacogdoches was considered the “Cuba of the South” with its soil and growing conditions rivaling that of the tobacco-growing regions of Cuba’s heyday. We at Nacogdoches Cigar Company have revitalized the name and are hoping to revitalize some of the fun and excitement of the former glory days.
    Tobaccodoches was conceived by the owners of Nacogdoches Cigar Company as a way to revitalize the cigar community of Nacogdoches and introduce our customers and town to the finest cigar merchants and manufacturers in the business today! Join us for a day of Fine cigars & great company!

  • Commerce street behind Nacogdoches Cigar Co.
  • 325 East Main, Nacogdoches, TX 75964