Morning Glory Yoga Studio

  • Morning Glory Yoga Studios is located in downtown Nacogdoches and offers a variety of classes and events to enrich the health and well being of every student.

    Beginner Hatha—Gain a foundation from which to build your yoga practice. Students learn proper form and alignment of postures while also gaining knowledge of the benefits of each pose. Basic breathing and relaxation techniques are also learned.

    Gentle Yoga: A slow, meditative and calm practice that is cultivated by coordinating one’s breath while moving through gentle postures. This practice will enhance body awareness, increase strength and flexibility, and improve balance and posture while addressing the needs of each individual. It is perfect for beginners, seniors or seasoned students.

    Hatha 1: Learn more challenging postures and variations as your practice expands. Proper alignment and form are stressed as students develop mind and body awareness. Props are available for modifications.

    Hatha 1-2: Continue to strengthen and develop your practice. More advanced postures are explored and students are exposed to a variety of yoga styles and influences. Modifications ensure the needs of students of various levels are met.

    Vinyasa Flow—Postures are linked together to form energetic, flowing sequences. Classes emphasize synchronizing movement with breath. Some yoga experience needed.

    Power Vinyasa—Students build strength and endurance while gaining flexibility. This flowing class will energize and renew you! Not suitable for beginners.