Music Friendly Efforts 

About the Nacogdoches Music Friendly Committee: Music Friendly

We hope you’ve heard the buzz … the Visit Nacogdoches team has been working hard to establish Nacogdoches as a certified Texas Music Friendly destination. This certification is something that will further put Texas’ oldest town on the map, highlighting many of the wonderful musicians and musical offerings our community already enjoys, celebrates and values so much. We’re just about there!

Several requirements must be met through the Texas Music Office to secure this certification, and we’re happy to report that all requirements have been satisfied at this point. One piece of the puzzle included forming a committee to oversee all related efforts. Under the leadership of our Director of Sales Joanna Temple, a committee of local music enthusiasts was formed, (including music educators, business owners and more,) and steps were taken to begin meeting all requirements deemed – one being the community workshop that was held July 17 at LugNutz Bar. (Go to www.gov.texas.gov/music to learn more about the requirements in full.)

Now all that’s left is presenting and accepting the certification, which will take place during another public event that will occur soon at Banita Creek Hall. Stay tuned – we’ll include all the details on our Visit Nacogdoches Facebook page. It will be a great time for all, highlighting this momentous development for our city. We hope you’ll join us to support.

Being one of the first 10 Texas cities to receive this designation provides us with a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our marketing of Nacogdoches as a live music destination as well as shine a spotlight on many of our wonderful local venues and talented artists – something that will certainly continue peaking the interest of a variety of prospective travelers.

Seats for Beats - A Music Friendly Fundraiser and Community Awareness Program

Seats for Beats logo

The Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau is proud to announce an exciting new initiative created to increase the sharing of art and music among local citizens, businesses, visitors and neighboring communities. “Seats for Beats” is a fundraiser that allows locals to transform seemingly boring folding chairs into pieces of art that will be displayed and enjoyed at a variety of upcoming events, especially those highlighting live music. 

How does it work?

Blank, design-ready chairs are available through the CVB for various sponsorship costs, starting with a minimum of $100. (See full sponsorship pricing breakdown below.) Funds generated will benefit the Music Friendly Fund managed by the Nacogdoches Music Friendly Committee.

Who can participate?

Anyone! Individuals, families, groups, companies, artists and commissioned artists are encouraged to participate. The idea is to have fun - use paint or any medium that inspires. The chairs are metal, so sand, prime or not. Sherwin Williams in Nacogdoches is one of our sponsors and has the perfect spray-can primer. Our inaugural theme is “this is my interpretation of music.”

Choose from three sponsorship categories:

Category 1 - $100 Minimum Sponsorship (Functionality)

Chairs purchased in this category will be fully functional and used at special events for VIP seating. We understand paint might wear down and that is expected – these will be redone in the future. Functional chairs will be housed at the Charles Bright Visitors Center.

Category 2 (Display Art Piece) A sponsor may want to commission an artist (price negotiated - $100 minimum) and keep its chair for 10 months to display in its place of business. The chairs will be picked up at the end of 10 months and recycled for the next year’s fundraiser.

Category 3 (Sell of a chair - Limit 5) This category is for chairs that exceed everyone’s expectations and are desired to be purchased outright. Minimum price is $300 with the artist getting half of the proceeds. The balance will go to the sponsor. All chairs will have a sticker placed on the back of the seat with the CVB website address on it: www.visitnacogdoches\musicfriendly.com

Category 1 & 2 allows for community partners to borrow the chairs and have at area events to show off and use. Category 2 & 3 can be used at area businesses or venues as art pieces. If purchased, chairs become property of the new owner.

Not feeling creative? The Nacogdoches CVB has a limited number of pre-decorated chairs currently available for sponsorship.

Chairs can be picked up now at the Charles Bright Visitors Center with cash or check payable to the Nacogdoches CVB. Purchasers will be asked to complete a sponsorship form at that time. Chairs will be displayed at the CVB and other to-be-announced venues. All chairs are due NO LATER than Thursday, Sept. 19. Chairs also will be displayed at this year’s Artfest taking place Sept. 21.