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SFA Experimental Forest

SFA Experimental Forest - (936) 569-7981


Approximately one half of the more than 300 species of birds, which are common to East Texas are found in the various habitat types of the Forest. More than 80 species of butterflies add color and quiet beauty, while the anticipation of catching a glimpse of one of the roughly 30 indigenous mammals makes each visit exciting for wildlife lovers. Two separate loops, spanning a distance of 2.8 miles, take visitors into some of the most dynamic and scenic areas of the Forest.

Jack Creek Loop:

Jack Creek is a cool, clear, spring-fed perennial stream which serves as the centerpiece for this loop. Traversing gentle slopes along the banks of the creek, this barrier-free, 0.8-mile-long surfaced trail provides universal access to a mature mixed forest where 100-year-old pines and hardwoods still stand stalwart against the rush of modern time.

Management Loop:

Winding 2.0 miles through five different units of the Forest, this loop will provide visitors a chance to view an array of forest management practices at various stages of process. Not just a path through the Forest, the trail is like a corridor through time. Integrated into the management objectives for each different area, it will permit visitors to witness firsthand the forest's response to various treatments across the years. Visitors may also observe wildlife while learning about a variety of forest habitats.

Located 8 mi. south on US 59, then CR 628 West.

Birdwatching sightings include: Hooded Mergansers, Wood Ducks, White-breasted Nuthatches, Brown Creepers, Prohonotary Warblers, Pileated Woodpeckers, Wood Thrushes, Screech and Barred Owls, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Red-headed and Red-bellied woodpeckers.

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