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Festival and Event Permits

Festival & Event Permit

This permit must be filled out on a desktop or laptop computer, not on a mobile device.

This section is to apply for a permit to hold a festival or event in Nacogdoches. If you are looking to submit an event to be listed on our website for advertisement purposes, please go to and click "Create an Event"

Permits must be submitted 30 days prior to your event. If utilizing a park, you must also reserve the facility through the Parks and Recreation Department by calling 936-559-2560. You must upload a map of your anticipated event setup showing electric needs, booth/truck placement, etc. This helps us understand your event feasibility. An automated response will be sent to the email provided by you once your permit is received. Point of contact is Shelby Lero, who you can reach by emailing or by calling 936-564-7351
List any equipment you'll be setting up
Will you need any streets closed?

Will alcohol be served?

List "none" if not selling items
Will you need city trash receptacles to dispose of garbage onsite?

The organizing host is required to gather all trash at the completion of its event and dispose of properly. This can be accomplished by requesting the city's sanitation department provide trash containers. How many will be determined based on the size of your event? Will you need receptacles to dispose of garbage onsite?
If available at your event location, will you need electricity?

If answered YES to electricity. For the majority of your electronic needs, a 110 volt 15 amp outlet will work. 220-volt outlets are the most powerful plugs and only available in Festival Park. Two standard 110V plugs are available in all city parks. 220-volt outlets plugs are needed to power food trucks and other high-powered appliances. Will you need 220-volt outlets and if YES, for what use?

Security or Police needed?

A police presence is required when: a) Any event that is serving alcohol, b) It interferes with general public right-of-ways (traffic, pedestrian). *Events large in size will be assessed by the police department.
If you answered "other," enter the reason here:
Upload Map Please include a detailed map of the event
I agree to the terms and conditions
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