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Auntie Pasta's

Auntie Pasta's - (936) 569-2171
Sun-Thurs 11-9; Fri & Sat 11-10
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Located just off a busy rail way, this historic building used to be the site of major trade and distribution in the state. Warehousing groceries was the job of this building, part of the first refrigerated warehouse west of the Mississippi. Trains came from all over the Country to provide goods and supplies to this area of Texas, and they were stored in the same building that we use today to serve people from all over East Texas great Italian food. Although our location is “off the beaten path”, we are a favorite stop for the locals, and the tourist learn quickly were to go for great food and service. One visit to Auntie Pasta’s and you will experience the history and culture that this building was once famous for.


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